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Excel Nutrition

Sports Nutrition Consultants










Nutrition is an important part of any training program.  A customised nutrition plan can be devised specificially for your needs and goals, allowing you to train harder and faster.








Services ___________________________________________


One-One Consultations

Consultations are approximately 1 hour in duration and typically involve a detailed discussion of your sport, eating patterns, individual requirements and your aspirations.  It is usually recommended that a food and training diary is kept, as this allows an in depth analysis of your current nutrition strategy to be assessed.  However, this may vary depending on each individual.  Recommendations and monitoring programs are then suggested which are customised to each athlete.  All administration is covered by the cost of the session (for example analysis questionnaires, monitoring diaries) with the exception of the food diary due to the detailed nature of this assessment.

Dietary Analysis

A computerised in-depth analysis of your diet coupled with a comprehensive questionnaire allows the strengths and weaknesses of your diet to be assessed.  Your current energy, carbohydrate, fat, protein and the major vitamin and mineral intakes will be reported and advice given on how and where improvements can be made.


Body Composition Assessment

The manipulation of body composition is often key to success in any sport.  It is important to realise that a lower body fat is not always better.  By monitoring body composition changes during the season or in relation to a weight loss plan enables optimal levels to be determined specifically for you in relation to performance and health.