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Tom Love

Dorking Sports Centre

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Tom Love MSc, BSc

After obtaining a degree in Sport & Exercise Science from The University of Birmingham, Tom completed an MSc in Sports Nutrition at Loughborough University.  Currently his strong link with Loughborough continues through the final stages of a PhD, which is specifically looking at hydration and salt balance in athletes.

Tom has a passion for both sport and nutrition which has been fostered from an early age.  Whilst his own sporting interests have been in football and cycling, a love of sport in general means that his expertise are being applied to many sports and levels of competition.    Alongside his academic achievements, Tom has taught on undergraduate courses and worked with various athletes and teams ranging from triathletes, marathon runners, rugby players and cyclists.  Since 2005, Tom has worked alongside Geoff Thomas in numerous charity events which in 2007 included the Tour de France.  During his time at Loughborough he has also had the opportunity to test many professional teams including the British & Irish Lions rugby team, England World Cup Football Squad, England Rugby Team, England Ladies Academy Football Squad and the FBUK cycling team.  Tom is currently the performance nutritionist at Southampton FC and Millwall FC.


MSc Sports Nutrition - Distinction

BSc Sport & Exercise Science - First Class Honours



Watson P, Love TD, Maughan RJ and Shirreffs SM (2008) A comparison of the effects of milk and a carbohydrate-electrolyte drink on the restoration of fluid balance and exercise capacity in a hot, humid environment. Eur J Appl Physiol 104: 633-642. (To view the abstract, please click here)


Shirreffs SM, Aragon-Vargas LF, Keil M, Love TD and Phillips S (2007) Rehydration after exercise in the heat: a comparison of 4 commonly used drinks. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Metabolism 17(3): 244-258. (To view the abstract, please click here)